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Project SEARCH Academy

Project SEARCH Academy offers a collection of fast-paced online training courses that deliver invaluable information to help you implement the program model to its full potential. These courses are available to personnel at licensed Project SEARCH sites.

For Registered Users of this Website:

If you’re interested in increasing your knowledge of Project SEARCH, this is the place to start. Courses cover the basics of Project SEARCH…how Project SEARCH works…how to get a program site up and running…how to identify learning opportunities for interns…and much more. If you’re new to the program, these courses can serve as an introduction to get you going, while even experienced staffers can use the courses to refresh their skill or dive deeper into specific topics.  We’ll be adding new courses during the year, so check back regularly. And when you’ve completed a course, be sure to print your official completion certificate.

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Not a Registered User?

If you’re interested in increasing your knowledge of Project SEARCH, but are not an authorized user of this website, you can view a video version of our introductory course, Project SEARCH 101. This course is an excellent introduction to the basic principles of the Project SEARCH program model. This publicly available version does not allow for navigation between course sections, and does not include the course quiz or completion certificate.

View the Project SEARCH 101 Video