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Project SEARCH Employment Outcome Awards

Recognizing Excellent Employment Outcomes

We strive to provide the best career-readiness education and training program and services with the goal of maximizing opportunities for competitive employment for all of our program graduates.

Project SEARCH recognizes program sites that have achieved 70% to 100% competitive employment* for all participants in a given program year. The awardees are recognized at a formal awards ceremony at the Project SEARCH International Conference each summer.

These are the criteria we use to determine competitive employment:

  • Employment in an integrated setting
  • Year-round work
  • 16 hours/week or more
  • Prevailing wage

At the 2017 Project SEARCH Annual Conference in Pocono Manor, PA, 202 program sites from 37 states and 3 countries were recognized for achieving 70% to 100% employment for their 2016 program graduates. We are proud to honor the following Outcome Award recipients: