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Quotes from Project SEARCH Partners and Participants

What the businesses and schools and disability service providers are saying...

“Serving as the instructor these past 4 years has been the greatest experience of my career.  I've loved every minute of Project SEARCH.  I've seen the interns grow, learn, and take jobs. The excitement I've derived from seeing my kids get jobs and start their lives has been overwhelming!  Never in my life did I expect to have 80% of my students find jobs; my goal for this class is 100%!!  I've also been lucky in that my kids live and work around me, so I've been able to keep in touch with them.  They will always be a part of my life. How lucky can a girl get?!”

Kay Carpenter

Project SEARCH Instructor, Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital, MI

“I was telling Holly on our way home that I have had some discouraging experiences working in this field so far, seeing co-workers miserable and treating students poorly. The meeting this past weekend completely changed my perception and got rid of my fear of becoming one of those unhappy people. Everyone at the meeting was amazing and friendly, and it's obvious everyone loves what they do and want to make a difference. It was a great experience for me and I just wanted to thank you.”

Megan Farzati

UPMC NW, Job Coach, Regarding Quarterly Meeting for Ohio Project SEARCH programs; held at Miami University on 4/16/2012

"When businesses identify the strengths of employees with disabilities, then put them in jobs that match their skills, those employees turn out to be faithful, low-turnover, hard-working employees."

Teresa Tanner

Fifth Third Bank, Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resource Officer

"As an RN in the Main Operating Room, I have had the privilege of working with Kalyn for the past few months at St. Mary’s Hospital in Richmond VA, regrettably not getting to know her better until this morning. I was assigned to renew my CPR certification this morning along with Kalyn. When Kalyn walked in the room I invited her to sit with me and be my partner. I want to tell you what a remarkable job she did. She was open to learning and excited about it as well. She embraced the entire class and performed each skill as well as any other. When suggestions were given to her about perhaps a better, more comfortable way of holding the cpr mask she tried it and thanked the person offering help. By the end of the class we all found ourselves encouraging Kayln in her skills. She did fantastic. What a remarkable young woman, I look forward to continuing to work with her. And of course even more comfortable knowing she is CPR certified!"

Cathy Rosenbaum


"Project SEARCH is a real transition option for individuals moving forward from secondary education. It fosters productive work habits and necessary interpersonal skills for the workplace. Career and technical has joined with business, State, county and non-profit partners to provide exceptional work immersion experiences. This unique opportunity targets successful employment outcomes for our Project SEARCH participants. "

Anne Wisniowski

Pupil Services Director

What the students and families are saying...

"I like Project SEARCH because I can get different kinds of jobs through the program. I work at the hospital with my co-workers and friends. They treat me good and make me happy. They treat me like part of the team. I want to stay here for a long time."

Jill F.

Clinical Support Technician & Project SEARCH Graduate, Cincinnati Children's

"Project SEARCH is on the cutting edge, and we’re so grateful to be included in it…Lena has a very rewarding, fulfilling life…it’s working!"

Bill M.

Father of Lena, an employed 2011 graduate of Project SEARCH ,Ohio State University Medical Center